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Members are individuals who have completed the training requirements to attend incidents and carry out searches.

Prospective members start off in the team as probationary members and commence their training with a program that includes the following:

  • Introduction to Lowland Search and Rescue
  • Search and Rescue Equipment
  • Search and Rescue theory
  • Navigation
  • Radio Communications
  • A Fitness Walk
  • A Search and Rescue exercise

Once a Probationary member has successfully completed their initial training and attended 12 training sessions, they are proposed to the committee for full membership, and if accepted they will be granted Full Member (Non-operational) status.

At this stage, they can begin training their dog with the team, whilst at the same time continuing their own training to obtain Operational status.

Once Operational, members can attend callouts to provide support to qualified dog handlers.

The member will continue to train their own dog and when ready they will attend a national assessment.

Once national assessment is passed, the member and their dog may attend searches as a dog team.

All members carry out continuous personal development and re-assessment to enhance their skills, with courses such as advanced navigation, water safety, First Aid.

Friends are individuals who do not wish to commit to being operational members, but want to help the team by fundraising and training team members. Friends do not attend callouts, or regular training, however, they play a major part in raising funds for the team at shows and events.

Apply for membership of Berkshire SAR Dogs online here.


Please feel free to contact the Membership Secretary if you have any further questions.

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