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Trailing Equipment

Postby Em & Poppy » Tue Jun 15, 2010 3:06 pm

Hi Everyone,

We are hoping to start Trailing training as it is the only search work we can do thanks to snake season! Due to most of our kit being packed in the UK we do not have harnesses or long lines. Therefore i would like to get peoples opinions as to which types are best for trailing work as we will have to buy new ones so may as well get the best ones for the job! [laugh]
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Re: Trailing Equipment

Postby JennyP » Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:02 am

Hey Ems,

Both Netty and I have gone for the Julius k9 power harness in orange. You will need a size 0 or at a push size 1 for Pops and Jasper. If you go to their website you should be able to get a local shipper to Cyprus as they are a European company. I think they are brilliant, Woodley really works well in this as they are so comfy and help slow them down a bit too.

In terms of long lines, Netty has a fancy leather one that doesn't get tangled and I just have a standard 10m one from my local pet shop. Both seem to work well, I actually like the fact I have been able to put a couple of knots in mine as I can hold on easier.

I have been reading some good papers, I'll send them to you.

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