Holiday boarding for bitch in season

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Holiday boarding for bitch in season

Postby DawnPoyser » Wed Feb 20, 2013 9:48 am

Can anyone recommend someone who might take my pointer bitch into their home for a week whilst we are away next week?
She is coming up 13 Months & helpfully just started her first season so cannot go to her normal home from home. So far she has only had 1 messy day but would need to be lead walks only for her own protection. She is a family pet and a trainee search dog, well mannered but still a puppy!
Any suggestions???
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Re: Holiday boarding for bitch in season

Postby SallyM47 » Wed Feb 20, 2013 1:13 pm

Hello Dawn

Is she fine with being left in the house whilst person is at work? Does she get on with other dogs (neutered, obviously!) and bitches? Just a couple of questions I may be asked during investigations!

Hope to help you sort something - when are you going/coming home?

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