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  • Berkshire Search & Rescue Dogs
    A volunteer Lowland Search & Rescue Dog Team based in Berkshire
    Total redirects: 27304
  • Chiltern Search Dogs
    A Volunteer Lowland Search & Rescue Dog team based in the Chiltern Hills
    Total redirects: 26872
  • Dorset Search Dogs
    A Volunteer Lowland Search & Rescue Dog Team based in Dorset
    Total redirects: 27059
  • Lowland Search Dogs
    Lowland Search Dogs (LS Dogs) is a non-profit, voluntary organisation formed in November 2002.

    This ‘umbrella’ organisation was set up to bring together regional Search and Rescue Dog Units and to create and oversee standards for air-scenting lowland search dogs, in the UK.

    ‘Lowland’ includes farmland, forests, open downland and any other area that does not require specialist mountain rescue experience.
    Total redirects: 26249
  • Lowland Search Dogs - Southern
    A volunteer Lowland Search & Rescue Dog Team based in Hampshire
    Total redirects: 26904
  • Lowland Search Dogs - Sussex
    A volunteer Lowland Search Dog Team based in Sussex
    Total redirects: 27305
  • Norflok Lowland Search & Rescue (Dogs)
    A volunteer Lowland Search & Rescue Team based in Norfolk that has a Search & Rescue Dog section
    Total redirects: 26127
    The National Search and Rescue Dog Association (NSARDA) is an umbrella organisation for Air Scenting Search Dogs in the UK. It's members are the Search and Rescue Dog Associations which are located throughout the UK.
    Total redirects: 31744
  • SARDA England
    The Search And Rescue Dog Association (England) is a voluntary organisation responsible for the training of Mountain Rescue team members to become Handlers of air scenting Search and Rescue dogs, enabling them to search for missing persons, predominantly in the mountains and high moor land, and also lowland, rural and urban areas of Britain
    Total redirects: 28385
  • SARDA Lakes
    SARDA Lakes is a voluntary organisation dedicated to the training and use of mountain rescue search dogs to assist in the search for and rescue of missing persons, predominantly in a mountainous environment, but also in other areas where our skills may be of benefit.
    Total redirects: 27534
  • SARDA Scotland
    The Search and Rescue Dog Association (SARDA) Southern Scotland is a non profit making, voluntary organisation to help the Police and Mountain Rescue Teams search for missing people.
    Total redirects: 26911
  • Search Dogs Essex
    A Lowland Search & Rescue Dog Team based in Essex
    Total redirects: 25998
    RAPID-UK Disaster Search Dogs are highly trained search dogs, which are taught to find live casualties trapped under the debris of collapsed structures following earthquakes, mudslides and explosions.
    Total redirects: 25576
  • UK Fire Service Search & Rescue Dog Team
    The team was officially formed in July 2001 to give the UK Fire Service a search and rescue dog team capability to respond to UK USAR & International incidents.

    The teams are made up of fire-fighters from individual brigades throughout the country, who are on stand-by 365 days a year for immediate deployment.
    Total redirects: 26515
  • Cheshire Lowland Search & Rescue Team
    Cheshire Search and Rescue Team is a highly skilled, professional and dedicated group of volunteers available to assist Cheshire Police and other emergency services in the event of missing person searches or major incident support.
    Total redirects: 27171

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